Futuristic Fungal Fascination depicts a world where sustainability thrives. During production, healthy materials were prioritized. Costumes were made with sustainably sourced hemp canvas and homemade fruit dyes. Mushrooms and moss were grown in my kitchen. Art for the film was created with paper made from recycled cotton rag, banana leaf and sugar cane. Ink for the paper was created with raspberries, beets and leftover coffee. Found objects, such as cardboard, wood and an old Apple computer, were safely repurposed.

The film plays with surrealism and is geared to both children and adults. The script advocates peace, using plants as resources for creation and company. Without being aggressively confrontational, a message of self awareness and wellbeing is linked to a plant-based lifestyle. Aesthetically, the film is eye catching and mind opening. A mystical, inviting world allows viewers to gain a personalized message on actively cherishing the Earth.