My thesis project, Fashion For Future, focuses on alternative methods behind clothing production and consumerism. I grew mushrooms and crystals, brew Kombucha leather and experimented with plant and bacteria dyes. I created vegan cosmetics and sourced sustainable hemp and moss. By paying careful attention to the health of my materials, I avoided plastics, VOCs, flame  retardants, chlorinated polymer, formaldehyde and countless other chemicals the fashion industry poisons clothing with. My objective was to grow and utilize edible materials.

The swatch dress is a hand sewn result of my experiments with plant dyes (such as blueberries, turmeric, beets, purple carrots, yellow onion skins, activated charcoal, paprika, avocado seeds, etc.) The muslin was sourced from leftover samples in the Newschool textile lab. The following garments are created from hemp canvas and dyed with blueberries (purple) or turmeric (yellow). They have ‘pockets’ made of Kombucha leather (made from black tea, sugar, apple cider vinegar and a mother mushroom), which brewed for 5 weeks in my studio. In the pockets, a plastic mesh from purchasing fruit is recycled and repurposed.

Photographed by Emily Jane Davis.